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Parental Guidance

Receive guidance and insights in your children’s world on issues such as behaviour, self-esteem and more.

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Life can be overwhelming sometimes. We’ll work closely with you to help identify areas of strength and create the skills needed for change and growth, so you can live a fulfilled life.

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Mediation can help

Divorce can carry a strong impact – in so many ways. With a neutral professional, mediation allows the couple to work toward a fair, affordable and more equitable resolution.

Divorce mediation

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Are you stressed, anxious, or depressed? Perhaps you are having relationship issues or are dealing with a loss, maybe even substance abuse. There is always hope. Counseling can help.

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President and CEO

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
New York and New Jersey States
Vasu C Murthy is a seasoned Clinician in all areas of medical & mental health- social work as well as in Education with his rich experience as both school social worker, Special Education Administrator. Graduated with top honors in Social Work, he has also earned his Management (MBA) in both industrial and non-profit management (Brandeis, MA). He also has a degree in Law from India and degrees in Education Administration from Queens College, NY.
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