EAP Employee Assistance Program

Some insurance companies and workplaces offer through a specialized service often referred as EAP and please ask your human resources department for more information.  In addition, please ask TRI STATE COUNSELING clinician for additional information.  Typically, EAP sessions are used for diagnostic and recommendations for either treatment purposes or recommending additional services.   Client will be given complete choice to their provider if additional services are needed beyond allotted sessions.  Companies provide 3, 4 or 5 to 8 sessions of EAP coded under CPT 99404 and billed to your provider.

CISD Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

CISD is a specialized service and often required or requested through employer or insurance companies for a specific purpose.

Special rates or negotiated rates apply for this service and call for referrals or email for details.  CISD cases typically include death of an employee, bank robbery or natural disasters as the case may be.  CISD differs in both concpet and provision of services.

Tri State Counseling has contracted with several providers like:

  • HIP

Please call or contact us if you require additional information or details.

Alcohol Evaluation and Substance Abuse Assessment, Evaluation and Treatment

Alcohol and substance abuse assessment is a specialized service and generally covered by health insuracne plan.  However, sometimes, it may be necessary to charge a specialized fee if court reports are required and please always discuss with the clinician on the fees.  If there is a court case either pending or already convicted for example under DUI – driving under influence, please notify your clinician in the first session, so that appropriate treatment plan is discussed and provided to you.

workshops, health fairs and other consultation services

Conflict Resolution:

Conflict resolution and violence reduction is a specialized technique and workshop module based on CONFLICT RESOLUTION of AUSTRALIA, using the AKIDO technique in negotiation thereby reducing conflicts whether in workplace, school or prison or other institutions.  Tri State Counseling also successfully completed a project with DEPARTMENT OF JUVENILE JUSTICE and delivered services for 6+ months in secure JUVENILE DETENTIONS in Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan in Greater Metropolitan New York.

From time to time, Tri State Counseling clinicians or its affliates will conduct workshops, trainings, seminars or other services which are also featured in News and Events.  Please look for those details or contact us for further information.

Vasu C Murthy, the founder of Tri State Counseling will also accept limited assignments like conducting seminars, public speaking or conferences and please contact for details.  Recent international seminar in 2007 include:


For additional information or services available, please contact us.

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